How to Install Ubuntu on an iBook PPC

di | 12 Settembre 2013

NOTE:I have translated this article very quick and I don’t speak English very good.

If there are errors please comment! 🙂
The Italian version of the howto is here (

Recently a friend gave me an iBook G4 with a Motorola PPC CPU.
It had Mac OS X Tiger,but is horrible.
In this howto i will to Install Lubuntu on this iBook
A Mac New Word (With Mac OS X)
Lubuntu 12.04 for PPC
A backup (We’re going to format Mac OS X, but you can make a partition in Mac OS X for GNU/Linux)

For first,you have to insert the Ethernet cable.

Insert the Lubuntu CD’s and press C to boot.
Type in the prompt
live b43.blacklist=yes

It should boot.

Clic to remove Mac OS X.

Type in a Terminal:
 sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer

Select your Time Zone
Select your Layout 

Insert your login data.

At the reboot press [TAB] and Type:
Linux b43.blacklist=yes

Insert your data.
Open a Terminal and Type:
sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer

Lubuntu on an iBook.Scorn.

If you have problem to the video type on Yaboot
live video=radeonfb:1024×768-32@60

I thank Alessandro De Filippis for Help me to Install Lubuntu on an iBook

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